• Our Mission

    $90 000 000 000 000. That's the capital needed to reach the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


    We make sure investors & social entrepreneurs get the right tools to scale impact investing now.

  • What we do

    Meet. Gather. Publish.

    Meetups & Conferences

    Building a community around #impinv

    Impact investing professionals belong to a variety of ecosystems : Venture Capital, Philanthropy, Government & Development banks, Green finance,...

    Our events bring them together to foster cross sector networks.

    Open-Source Publications

    Spreading the word

    Impact investing is getting mainstream, but is still a complex space to navigate.

    We publish open knowledge on the sector to make it transparent and easy to access for all.

    Collaborative Tools

    Harnessing Collective Knowledge

    Impact investing is growing fast, with each time more actors and resources.

    Our shared tools aim to foster peer-to-peer learning and provide constantly updated data.

  • Tools & Publications

    Collaborative & Open-Source

    Raising Impact Capital in France : The Ultimate Social VC List

    Mapping Impact Ecosystems Across the Globe

    10k+ views

    French Wikipedia article on impact investing

    20 views per day / 20k+ views

  • Join the team

    We're a non-profit organization based in Paris. Contributors from all over the world welcome! If you're a positive impact entrepreneur looking for funding, we'd love to chat too.


    Contacts :

    Sarah Dubreil @sarahdubreil // Omar Bendjelloun @OmarBenj